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Maserati's pioneering spirit, never afraid to stand out by making bold choices.

Design Watches

Bold, elegant, energetic: the unique design of Maserati’s cars and the beating heart of the ‘House of the Trident’ that gives an exclusive charm to each of its creations. And design is the feature that these timepieces have in common: instantly recognisable the watches are a tribute to models of cars that have become true icons over the years.

For design enthusiasts and those who love combined forms, the watches from the Design range present elegant and aerodynamic silhouettes, exclusive details and a mix of cutting-edge materials. Every model combines originality to a unique design, perfect for wearing every day.

Each model has its own story and is the result of a combination of various creative ideas that draw inspiration from the brand's motoring icons: in this way, the cars and their special features are reflected in the details of the dial, uniquely designed cases and new interpretations of the straps.

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