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The perfect watches for those who love living life like a race towards the next record.

Sport Watches

Maserati and its more dynamic and sporty soul thatloves competition and speed: a passion without limits that has made the ‘House of the Trident’ a true icon across the world.

For lovers of ranges that are sportier and more determined, the Maserati Sport collection keeps time using high-precision mechanisms, automatic movements and elements with a daring style that make their mark.

Every detail is inspired by the engineering of Maserati’s cars, true works of high engineering; the timepieces reflect elements that remind us of the racing world: the tachymeter and counters all specifically refer to models that have made history in the world of sports cars. Details to help you experience the grittiest spirit of Maserati: with style, a love for details and a unique vision in its kind.

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