Watches and jewels
Each watch tells a story, every detail reveals a clue.

Classic Watches

Thanks to its passion for elegance, Maserati has given luxury a new dimension with ranges capable of becoming true icons of style.

We dedicate our Classic collections to those who especially value this facet of the Maserati world: watches inspired by the brand’s heritage that encapsulate the past, present and future in extraordinary timepieces. They tell of the spirit of an era that still continues for us – pieces of true style and enriched with elements that harken back to the forms and designs of iconic Maserati cars.

The classic collections celebrate real motoring legends with a style that drifts between past and present. Elements with a vintage flavour, classic features and a retro feel are mixed with modern details: curved dials and leather straps combine perfectly with Milanese mesh straps that provide a contemporary touch.

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